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 Admin Rules

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PostSubject: Admin Rules   Thu Oct 18, 2012 5:21 am

Admins must follow next rules to keep their administration status.

1. No Cheating & Hacking allowed >> Admin rights revoked
2. No abusing Your Admin Rights. >> Admin rights revoked
3. When you see Cheaters. Main thing you do is Record Demo, After speccing ban player IP or SteamID. Then report banned players in Administration section site.
4. Respect all admins of Community! If Head Admin will say you should stop doing something, you should stop it. Ignoring Head Admins or admin will might result loosing your admin rights!
5. No slaying and slapping without reason
6. No glowing invisible
7. No map changing without Vote!
8. Don't ever use admin commands to other admins. If you see abuser admin just screenshot him. >> Rights will be removed

Instructions with makes you good admin for community

You should be calm and patient to the players
You should know the rules of this server
You should be active on server and on forums (not only in admin application) as well
You should help the new players to get the idea of the Game.
You should understand English language
You should be friendly and respectful to other players.
You should never use admin power to others admins or your benefit

Application Form basic filling Rules.

- Fill the form correct.
- Do not ask why players, who applied after you, got admins rights already...
- Do not tell that you are a friend to the current admins and donĀ“t try to as*lick... This is kinda funny...
- Do not disturb ANY admin/moderator with the asking "Spectate me - I am good to be an admin"...
- Do not ask "When i will be admin? Give me rights!" it will just lower your chance
- Do not start "If I were admin...", "Server in chaos, no admin, i am good for admin..."

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Admin Rules
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